Pentax K110D



My K110D is now up for sale since I just realized that the K-x has completely replaced it in all aspects. And, judging by the first reports, the K-x will be playing second fiddle to a K5 as soon as the price settles a bit. This appears to be as close to a perfect camera as today's technology can make them.

Frozen Crossing

A frosty railroad crossing in the low winter sun

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Odd man out.

A single yellow rose in a garden filled with red roses

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Flag me up

The Swedish flag flies in front of lake Storsjön and Oviksfjällen, spotted with snow and ice

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Motley Blue

A blue sky, mottled with white clouds

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The sun shines it's rays upwards through the evening clouds, creating a fan-like effect

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Raindrops slowly roll off an orange flower

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Non-rolling Volvo

Non-rolling Volvo

The rolling car gathers no pine needles.

Strange Cat

Strange Cat

In spite of a formal introduction, the neighbour's cat remained a perfect stranger.

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