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Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8ED AL [IF] SDM

I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8ED AL [IF] SDM lens from Adorama. $659.95USD was just too good a price to pass up, especially with this weak dollar.

Update 1: UPS should be delivering it any minute now. Opening this box and testing the contents will be a lot like looking at Schroedinger's cat; I don't know if this copy of the lens is a dud (too many have been) or a gem.


OutlookHey, I can see my house from here!

SDM speed (or lack thereof)

Last week, I finally took delivery of a slightly used SMC Pentax DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM lens. I got it from an eBayer who was switching brands. As I had the 1.20 firmware in my K10D, a video camera and a tripod, I figured I'd tape the lens while focusing back and forth and then measure the focus speed from the video clip.

Bragging rights

Bragging rights

"And I want you all to know that I am the politician best-equipped to deal with this impending crisis!"

LBA - Vivitar 105mm


Hi, I'm Richie. I bought a new lens today. It's an old manual focus Vivitar, said to be one of the sharpest lenses ever made. It can shave a man from ten feet away. It resolves the unresolvable, cuts the unwary and feels great to handle. Apart from being sharp, it can be defined as being very solid.

I got mine from TraderJim's on eBay and can't recommend him enough. Now and then, he seems to find some old new in the box stock and offers up a BIN or Best Offer auction. It seems he accept offers around $190 USD, I got mine for $240 with fast international shipping.

Blinded by the light


Here's a new twist - a blind camera with no optics. Instead of taking a picture, it records the exact time you press the shutter button and then starts searching Flickr for images taken at the same time which it then downloads and displays - hours or days later.

Useful? Well, maybe as a gift to someone who has everything else, and I mean everything.


Pentax K10D LE

Pentax seems hell-bent on milking the K10D for every last drop. Here's a limited golden edition to commemorate the Camera Grand Prix it recently won:

It'll go nicely with the DA* lenses (also with golden trim) but it positively screams "steal me now!".

Non-rolling Volvo

Non-rolling Volvo

The rolling car gathers no pine needles.

Strange Cat

Strange Cat

In spite of a formal introduction, the neighbour's cat remained a perfect stranger.



Today, I was going to try combining a 2x teleconverter, an extension ring and a prime lens to make a 100mm 2.8 macro lens.

First, I put the TC closest to the camera, then the extension ring (20 mm Kenko) and on top the FA 50 1.4. Worked fine, but I didn't get close enough so I figured I'd swap the TC and the ring, so I did. Except when doing so, I managed to dislodge the little spring that actuates the aperture lever on my $1000 K10D camera.


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