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No need for speed

No need for Speed

I saw this fellow crawling across our driveway the other day so I hurried back inside, gathered the camera and lens, made dinner and ate it, washed up and rushed out just in time to see him/her come out from underneath the car.

Solar Angels

Solar Angels

The sun, clouds and some creative settings in UFRaw.

Old glass

Old Glass

This is an image of some old beautiful glass, a Tamron 135mm f/2.5 with Adaptall-2.



My K110D is now up for sale since I just realized that the K-x has completely replaced it in all aspects. And, judging by the first reports, the K-x will be playing second fiddle to a K5 as soon as the price settles a bit. This appears to be as close to a perfect camera as today's technology can make them.

Something smells fishy


My fishing expedition almost ended with a disaster, there was a Samyang 8mm fisheye on eBay on BIN for almost $100 under the common price. It turned out to be too good to be true and a scam, when I got my money back I bought one from a reputable seller instead. I haven't had much time to try it out for real yet, but it's great fun and a bit of a challenge to use without getting my feet in the image.

A new low

Pentax K-x

I just ordered a new Pentax K-x kit from B&H - it was just $470 (with free shipping in the US). I expect it to replace my K110D while I save up for a K7 (or it's replacement).

Now, the agonizing wait for the delivery guy.

Wide-angle woes

Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5

Just when I have discarded the thoughts of getting a fisheye (both the zany Zenitar and prudent Pentax 10-17mm were on the list) and settled for a rectilinear wide-angle lens, I get sidetracked. Again.

I'm one of those guys that can sweat a purchasing decision for weeks - comparing tests, reading online reviews and soliciting advice on forums, but when I decide on what I want, I can't wait another minute.

Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8ED AL [IF] SDM

I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8ED AL [IF] SDM lens from Adorama. $659.95USD was just too good a price to pass up, especially with this weak dollar.

Update 1: UPS should be delivering it any minute now. Opening this box and testing the contents will be a lot like looking at Schroedinger's cat; I don't know if this copy of the lens is a dud (too many have been) or a gem.

SDM speed (or lack thereof)

Last week, I finally took delivery of a slightly used SMC Pentax DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM lens. I got it from an eBayer who was switching brands. As I had the 1.20 firmware in my K10D, a video camera and a tripod, I figured I'd tape the lens while focusing back and forth and then measure the focus speed from the video clip.

LBA - Vivitar 105mm


Hi, I'm Richie. I bought a new lens today. It's an old manual focus Vivitar, said to be one of the sharpest lenses ever made. It can shave a man from ten feet away. It resolves the unresolvable, cuts the unwary and feels great to handle. Apart from being sharp, it can be defined as being very solid.

I got mine from TraderJim's on eBay and can't recommend him enough. Now and then, he seems to find some old new in the box stock and offers up a BIN or Best Offer auction. It seems he accept offers around $190 USD, I got mine for $240 with fast international shipping.

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